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We can tell you what makes x-top so innovative and how it can help your patients. Find out about the technology behind this new solution for male urinary incontinence, and how pharmacies can order x-top incontinence products.

Improve your patients’ quality of life

We all know that male urinary incontinence isn’t something patients like to bring up. Men don’t want to talk about loss of bladder control and bladder weakness, even when an uncontrollable bladder is already restricting their lives.

It’s particularly hard for men, as they need to be seen as strong and fit – and they’re not used to dealing with sanitary products every month as women do. They can feel ashamed at losing an ability they learned as a child: control over their bladder. They don’t want anyone to know, and fear that others will notice their condition if they have spots on their trousers or worry that they might smell of urine.

This means that male incontinence patients may feel inferior and withdraw from social contact – both at home and at work. They could even develop depression, as well as anxiety and stress. This is exacerbated when the only incontinence products they might be aware of are shields designed for women, and baby’s nappies.

But x-top is an incontinence product specially developed for men. It is comfortable, flexible and securely leak-proof. It can help men with all types of incontinence problems, from overactive bladder to stress urinary incontinence and bladder weakness.

x-top gives men their security back

Men suffer particularly if they develop urinary incontinence. They are less familiar with common incontinence products, such as shields, which aren’t suitable for men anyway. But x-top is an innovative incontinence product specifically designed to suit the male anatomy.

x-top products are soft, flexible sheaths with incredible absorbency to absorb leakages discreetly and safely. They are just 1.5mm thick, with a flexible, adjustable fastening that means they stay securely positioned.

The inside of each sheath is made of PE, which is soft on the skin and hypoallergenic. The patented super-absorbent core (SuperCore®) is entirely free from latex, glue and binders. And the outside surface of the sheath is coated in a breathable, waterproof material.

x-top is available in three different absorbency levels (Level 1-3):1) Light; 2) Medium and 3) Heavy.

x-top keeps leakages and odours safely locked away, giving men their quality of life back. They can go out and about, at work and at play, with the confidence that any accidental leaks will be their secret.

Why x-top?

x-top’s innovative material is only 1.5mm thick. This is made possible by SuperCore®, our patented super-absorbent core, which is free from latex, glue and binders. The super absorber polymer in SuperCore® can soak up as much as 30 times its weight in liquid and converts liquid into gel, keeping it all locked away inside. Each sheath is structured to draw liquid up through the fabric and spread out equally across the whole sheath.

The flexible fastener can be opened and re-fastened, and attaches anywhere on the sheath, for a perfect fit quickly.

x-top sheaths have no weak points for leakages, such as seams, as they’re ultrasonically sealed to be 100% leakage-free.

x-top sheaths are dermatologically tested and latex-free, to avoid common skin irritants. But in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, stop use immediately.

x-top was developed under medical supervision and is dermatologically tested.*

How to order x-top

x-top for men is available in three different absorbency levels: 1) Light; 2) Medium and 3) Heavy.

Level 1 – HCPCS number 10758330
Level 2 – HCPCS number 10758347
Level 3 – HCPCS number 10758376

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