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x-top Level 2


An innovative product for men affected by incontinence

x-top’s super-absorbent material and innovative ergonomic shape provide extraordinarily reliable, discreet protection for a complete sense of security. Experience it for yourself.

The advantages of x-top:

- The penis is completely covered for security against leakage
- The resealable fastener gives a secure fit
- Fast absorption. Fluids are securely trapped inside
- Liquid is locked inside the super-absorbent core - reduces unpleasant odors
- Very thin and light - breathable and skin-friendly
- Latex-free

Additional features:

Each x-top pouch can be adjusted to fit perfectly, so there is no shifting, slipping, or leaks. Any liquid is quickly absorbed and locked away in x-top’s innovative, super-thin gel core. So you can be out and about with no fear of leakage or spotting.

1. Breathable, waterproof outer layer 
2. Re-sealable elastic (hook and loop) fastening for a secure fit
3. Highly absorbent core free from latex, glue or binders (SuperCore®)
4. Odor control 
5. Soft, hypoallergenic interior surface


 Packaging: 12 pcs/box

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44 A. Dokki Square, El Borg El Bahary
Cairo, Egypt
P: +2237615827 / +201000742231, E:

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